Soft Tissue Surgery

We perform many types of soft tissue surgeries at our clinic. Soft tissue surgeries are those that are not associated with bone. These surgeries can provide many benefits to pets.

Probably the most common soft tissue surgery performed on pets is the removal of masses, or lumps. Most of these masses, once removed and tested, are found to be benign (nonharmful); however, occasionally they are more serious. Early removal and accurate diagnosis of a lump is necessary to improve the outcome in your pet if the mass is cancerous.

In addition to removal of tissue growths, other soft tissue surgeries such as biopsy, abdominal exploratory, laceration repair, preventative gastropexy surgey against stomach twists, eye and eyelid surgery and many more procedures are performed here at Parry Sound Animal Hospital.

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss how soft tissue surgery might be able to help your pet.