Medicated Baths

Dog and Cat Grooming

We provide onsite dog and cat grooming by Ruth Goodwin. Ruth has decades of experience and has a long-standing clientele that just won’t take their pet anywhere else! Having your pet groomed at our hospital allows some extra early detection and treatment of issues that Ruth sees when she managing you pet’s haircoat.

Medicated baths can help ease many skin conditions in your pet. If he or she suffers from seborrhoea (a noncontagious condition that can cause skin to become dry and flaky or oily and scaly), a medicated bath can help alleviate the itching. Pets with allergies, flea infestations, and other skin issues may also find relief with a medicated bath.

We can recommend a bath after we’ve examined your pet and diagnosed the problem. Illnesses unrelated to the skin, such as thyroid disease, can also cause skin problems in pets, so we want to be sure we’re treating the root of the problem, not just a symptom. Call us so we can help your pet feel better.